EcoLox Dyes - Logo Design and Branding

EcoLox Dyes Logo Design & Marketing Materials

EcoLox Dyes is a Lexington, Kentucky based dye and water colorant company that specializes in the research, development and manufacturing or Eco-friendly dyes and colorants. Camenisch Design Associates has worked closely with EcoLox over the years to create a meaningful brand identity that represents the company and its founding principles. We have developed all forms of EcoLox Dyes’ branding from logo design, product label design, product photography, brochure and business card design to their eCommerce website design and development, search engine marketing as well as the management of wholesale vendor website content and inventory management through EDI.

EcoLox Dyes One Gallon Blue Dye - Product Photography
EcoLox Dyes Five Gallon 3X - Logo and Branding
EcoLox Dyes One Gallon Black Dye - Product Photography
EcoLox Dyes Brochure - Print Design
EcoLox Dyes - Business Card Design

EcoLox Dyes eCommerce Website

Ecolox Dyes - Website Design

EcoLox on Tractor Supply

EcoLox Dyes on Tractor Supply Company Website - Internet Marketing

EcoLox on Walmart

EcoLox Dyes on Walmart Website - Internet Marketing

EcoLox on Google

EcoLox Dyes on Google - Internet Marketing